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                                           Global Hypergrowth Project

The Innovation Stream Pilot

This special program allows Canadian companies to hire skilled foreign workers without needing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Typically, an LMIA requires companies to demonstrate that they couldn’t find a qualified Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the job. This process can be time-consuming and adds extra steps to hiring. The Innovation Stream Pilot streamlines the process, making it much faster and easier for companies to hire you!

How can you be eligible

  • You have a job offer: You must have a valid job offer from a company participating in the Global Hypergrowth Project (GHP). These are companies focused on innovation and growth.
  • High-skilled occupation: The job offer must be in a high-skilled occupation (National Occupational...
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This has got to be the easiest PR Pathway yet!

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2024

Why is This Program One of the Easiest?

Lower Language Requirements

With a minimum CLB 4 score, the language requirement is easier to meet than many other immigration programs that require higher scores.

Simple Process

The application process is straightforward and user-friendly. This means less hassle and confusion when applying. The foundation of your application is a job offer. Once the job offer is available, create an EOI profile with the portal. Receive an ITA from GNB. Once ITA is received from GNB, you will then receive 600 points in your federal account which then allows you to be nominated by the federal government for PR application. 

Provincial Nomination Boost

Getting a nomination from New Brunswick adds 600 points to your Express Entry profile. This almost guarantees that you’ll receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada.

Focus on Real Intent

New Brunswick wants people who genuinely want to live and work there. If you...

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More updates and changes on the Canadian study permit saga

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) just spilled the beans on their plans for study permits in 2024, and it's time to break it down without the jargon.

So, here's the scoop: the IRCC is putting a cap on the number of study permit applications they'll even consider in 2024 – a whopping 606,250 of them! Hold on, though, because this cap is different from the one they threw at us on January 22nd, which was about study permit approvals and not the total applications.

In simple terms, over the next 11 months, the IRCC is setting a limit on how many study permit applications they'll process – that's the 606,250 number. It doesn't matter what decision they make on each application; they're committed to dealing with this massive bunch.

But here's the fun twist: the instructions say that this cap might get a makeover if the minister gives some new directions. Translation: if the IRCC doesn't hit the 360,000 approved study permit cap within the 606,250...

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Must know facts and details about the latest IRCC Annoucements last Jan 22, 2024

Here are some key measures to be taken or important facts that you should know after IRCC new announcement made regarding international student on January 22, 2024#Canada

1. Don’t apply for PPP ( public private partnership ) college programs for Fall 2024 intake ( list given below ) as PGWP will not be provided post studies. If student is fine with not receiving PGWP, they can still proceed.

2. Spouses of students who are in Canada studying at any level can apply for SOWP now as soon as possible ( within few days ) till new rules will be implemented

3. Don’t apply for Visa now till you get your attestation letter from provinces ( This may take time but we need to wait ). Here are some of the exemptions that can proceed without attestation letters:

4. Attestation letter is not required for PG or Masters course so you can apply for study permit now or...

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Canadian Study Permits Temporarily Capped

The Canadian government recently announced a temporary two year cap on Canadian study permits. The number of approved study permits in 2024 will be limited to around 360,000.This is a significant policy change for Canada. 

Here are the four of the most important updates you need to know about:

  • Canada is implementing a temporary two-year cap that will reduce approved study permits by 35% in 2024.
    • Master’s, PhD, and K-12 students are not included in the cap.
    • Current study permit holders will not be affected.
    • Those looking to extend their studies will not be affected. 
  • Study permits will be allocated based on each province’s population.
  • Effective immediately, affected students must provide a provincial attestation letter as part of their study permit application. Master degrees, doctoral and post graduate programs are not affected by this rule. 

As of September 1, students attending public-private partnership institutions will no longer be able to access...

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Applying as a family in Canada - Tips to aspiring international students

 Length of program 

If you are a family of three or more, I always recommend safety first. Meaning a two year program is always only the sensible option. A two year program will give you three years of pgwp whereas a one year program will give you only one year of pgwp. Being a family, you need to be cautious of this. A one year program is cheaper but the amount of stress you will have to endure with a 1 year pgwp can be immense. So save yourself from the stress and plan for a two year program. 

School for your kids

School for your children will be free - from gradeschool to highschool to K12. The school where your children will attend will depend on your location or your home address. Each province will have different school districts. You will have to connect with each school district to identify which school your child will attend. For example, here in New Brunswick - you can go to this website: 


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Best one year programs for fast PR in Canada

One year programs is a broad topic because there are one year certificate programs, one year diploma programs, one year post degree programs, one year MBA programs, hence this can be a lengthy topic.

A certificate is a short course study which is typically one year. A diploma gives students broader knowledge on their chosen programs as compared to certificates. Post degree and MBA programs are applicable to bachelor degree holders. 

If you are a highschool graduate , Human Resources Management is a good option. 

NBCC offers this program which lasts for one year. The tuition fee at NBCC is 9KCAD. NBCC is a very competitive school because of its low tuition fees plus spectacular PR Pathways in the province. As such admission at NBCC takes months to be issued. But with the correct and complete admission documents , you do have a fighting chance of landing an admission letter. 

The 2nd best one year program to be PR in Canada is any business related program.


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Alberta PR Pathways Explained

Alberta has 3 main PR streams for workers. These streams are 

1.     The Alberta Opportunity Stream

2.     The Alberta Express Entry Stream

3.     Rural Renewal Stream

I did research,  read and re read the eligibility factors on all these 3 streams and I must say - they can be very complicated. Both the Opportunity stream and the express entry stream tend to have too many restrictions. The more restrictions there are the harder it is to be eligible.

For example , with the Alberta Opportunity Stream  under the work experience eligibility,   

Eligible work experience

At the time your application is submitted you must have either:

·       a minimum of 12 months full-time work experience in your current occupation in Alberta within the last 18 months, or

·       a minimum of 24 months of full-time work experience in your...

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The Prince Edward Island - A province for your easy PR from being an International Student

There are  3 main PR Pathways  in the PEI for IS. These are the International graduates Stream, Occupations in demand stream and the Atlantic Immigration Program Stream. 

The International graduates stream is the easiest amongst these 3 pathways. With this pathway the applicant must have a full time job offer, should have finished post secondary school in a DLI institution in the PEI and on post graduate work permit. 

Applicant is not required to do language proficiency if the position is in TEER 0-3 as long as the employer confirms that they are comfortable with the applicant's language ability. And this is very positive to those who want to avoid IELTS. 

You have to have sufficient financial resources to cover your living expenses in the PEI and ofcourse, prove that you have a genuine intention to live in PEI. 

The most interesting fact about this pathway is that there is no restriction on TEER Code, no restriction on job title, no restriction on...

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Canadian citizenship refused

A nominated immigrant from Bangladesh through the SINP was refused of citizenship because the person did not live in Saskatchewan after arriving in Canada. 

This is his post in verbatim: 

SINP nominee's citizenship application rejected:

I got into a bit of trouble. My citizenship application is in trouble. My citizenship application was in progress for almost 2.5 vears. they asked for passport pages, fingerprint, interview etc etc. Now just on last month i got a procedural fairness letter, they want to reject my application. Their reasoning is that i did not stayed in the province that was nominate me for pr. I was an SINP candidate when i came from BD (I believe BD stands for Bangladesh) i staved in SK for a week and came to toronto. living in toronto since then. In the letter they said, i did not made an attempt to stay in the province nor i tried to contribute to the province as job or otherwise.

The said i signed as in mv on/or application that i will made every...

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