Our mission at QuestCanada is to empower, guide and educate every person who aspire to move to Canada permanently. Our approach is holistic, end to end services for you to achieve long term success in Canada.

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I moved to Dubai in 2006 to forge my future. I did not own anything then. Not a single penny to my name. I only had my heart full of  dreams. A heart full of aspirations. Every cent that I spent to be able to move to Dubai was borrowed. Even my luggage was borrowed. My relentless pursuit of a better life led me to Canada. My journey to the True North was 10 years in the making. In 2016, after lenghty wait and documentations, I finally received a nomination from New Brunswick. In 2018, I moved to Canada. 

I know how you feel. I know what it is like to dream of a better life. Better opportunities. To dream of stability in a country where you do not fear losing your residency permit. A country that will treat you as a her own citizen and not merely as a worker. A country that will embrace and accept you as her own. These are the reasons why I started my Youtube channel in the first place. To help. To guide. To share experience. To make the process and the journey easier for you. To share knowledge, everything I know. Your story is my story too. 

The world belongs to the brave - Ronald Reagan

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