1:1 Mentorship

Customized and Personalized

The 1:1 Mentorship is a premium service we provide to aspiring international students to Canada. This service is for you if you need help and continuous support all throughout your journey until arrival in Canada. 

Pls note that not all applicants will be accepted to our mentorship. We conduct assessment and offer our services only to the eligible applicants. 

What we do in the mentorship:

  • Detailed assessment of your profile
  • 1:1 mentorship calls
  • Detailed discussions of your program and school options.¬†
  • We recommend the best fit provinces where you will have the highest possible success in terms of jobs, salary and cost of living
  • Study Permit Application Roadmap
  • Personalized timeline and workbook
  • Detailed discussions of your finances,¬† proof of funds and home ties
  • Proofreading of Study Plan / Letter of Intent
  • Access to our personalized templates and guides¬†
  • Access to our Masterclass online course.
  • Unlimited access to the QuestCanada team.¬†
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Guaranteed Job Placement for Students

  • School guarantees job placement to students with 97% success rate.
  • Jobs as early childhood educators and¬†care assistants
  • No experience required¬†
  • We can apply for your partial scholarship
  • Highschool graduates are accepted
  • IELTS can be waived¬†
  • Program runs for only 12 months¬†
  • No matter what your professional and educational background, we can help you with your application.
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DIY Masterclass 

  • ¬†Free one time, 30 min. one on one consultation after tuition deposit is paid to discuss your next steps
  • Program recommendation
  • School recommendation
  • Best fit province recommendation¬†
  • We apply and communicate with the school for your admission
  • Access to our Masterclass online course
  • The Masterclass online course is made up of eight videos that will guide you on the step by step process of your¬†journey to Canada¬†
Avail - CAD 99.00

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